At One With The Universe

That feeling when you know you are at One with the Universe!! What a wonderful feeling!!

It doesn’t mean that things go as planned, in fact, many times things do not go as planned. I had made plans for this morning and things ended up going a different way. I was really bummed, because I was looking forward to the meeting.

But there is a feeling, a knowing, that things have gone exactly the way they are meant to have gone… AND I did not feel any stress as a result of the change! Just rolling with it and taking things as they come!

I also am not feeling well today, my body is releasing some old stuff, I believe, and its not comfortable or fun. But I believe that my body is doing what it needs to do and that it is for my highest good. Regardless of how I am feeling physically, I feel wonderful emotionally and spiritually… a sense of well-being that transcends the physical discomfort!

There is s sense that I am exactly where I am supposed to be and the meeting I scheduled this morning wasn’t part of that. And, again, I’m still disappointed, but I believe that there is a reason for it that is beyond my ability to know… at least at this time. And I trust that it is in my best interest.

Being My True Self with vigor and passion today!

I Know What I Know

Do you ever know something with a certainty you don’t understand? I do! There are times when I know something, way deep down… I just know it and I’m not sure how or why, but I do. There are times when I’m not even sure where it came from!

I know it to be true, but as soon as I try to capture it or name it or define it, I get confused! Its like its lost… kind of like when you have to look a little to one side or the other at something to be able to see it because as soon as you look at it head on, it disappears.

This knowing has guided me more times than I know or could count. Many times, in the moment, I will dismiss the knowing as bravado or simply wrong because I can’t figure out how I could know it. But, then, the validation that it was true! That I was right, even though I couldn’t explain it or justify it. Most of the time the validation comes in the form of how things work out or don’t work out, as the case may be.

I learned not to discount this knowing. For that reason. Many people think of this or call it gut instinct or for women, women’s intuition. But even then, there were times when I ignored that knowing.

Validation or confirmation also comes in the form of things falling in to place or going smoothly, without too much effort on part. Funny how that works, right?! There are simply times when I am in a groove or a rhythm that just takes over, I knew what to say in a moment when I didn’t have time to “think” about it and just said it and not only was it right, it was dead on.

I have come to believe that this knowing comes from a higher place… from my higher self, My True Self. The part of me that is working on a much bigger agenda than any daily struggle I might be experiencing, no matter how big I think that daily struggle might be.

For me, it is comforting to know that I know what I’m doing, if I will just listen to it rather than the people around me or society.  Being My True Self and Loving every minute of it!

Taking It As It Comes

I was reminded today by a friend’s words that its important to be My True Self, regardless of what that looks like on any given day.

Today… its not pretty. Let me rephrase that, because its an old way of thinking that has to label it “good” or “bad”, when the truth is that it just is what it is. I will choose a more descriptive label, uncomfortable. As I process that thought, I realize that its still old thinking that even terms it “uncomfortable” which is still either “good” or “bad”.

But, allow me to move on… its important to be myself and listen to My True Self. Today that means letting go of the ideas that others have put on me or ideas I have carried around for far too long. Ideas that say that I should be experiencing any one thing in particular. Ideas that say that things or even other people should be a certain way.

The lunar event this weekend seems to be taking a toll on me, in ways that I do not understand. Today means that its hard for me to be around people. That my energy is low. That I am not feeling well, but I’m unable to tell exactly what I’m feeling. My body is telling me to take it easy and rest, in seclusion.

So, regardless of the fact that my birthday was yesterday and today is a holiday many are celebrating… I am resting quite contently now, in my home, doing exactly what My True Self is telling me to do.