Dressing Like a Rock Star

I have recently decided that I want to dress like a rock star… every day. I want to feel amazing in everything I wear, in every moment, of every day. So anything that I have in my closet that makes me feel anything less than amazing, is going. I don’t want to spend time feeling frumpy or plain, so I don’t want to wear clothes that look that way to me.

I’ve live my entire life thinking that what other people thought about what I wore was the most important thing. Don’t wear white after Labor Day… don’t be underdressed, but don’t be overdressed either. But none of that is important. The most important thing is about how I feel in the clothes, regardless of how you, or anyone else, thinks I look in them.

This isn’t because I think that the clothes make me who I am. The clothes don’t make me and they don’t change who I am. I know who I am, My True Self. Clothes are just an outward expression of who I am on a soul level. And that might be a bit loud. That might look a little chaotic. That might look a little eccentric, with bits and pieces from here and bits and pieces from there, but they all mean something to me. They are all bits and pieces of me, of My True Self. And whatever I choose to put on, on any given day, is reflecting what I feel on that day, what part of me I feel like I want to express.

To me, dressing like a rock star means wearing clothes that reflect My True Self with all the confidence and knowing that comes with that. And by doing that, the clothes help me to continue Being My True Self, every moment of every day!!

I Don’t Know

Or maybe I do… or maybe, just maybe I don’t, but that’s ok. I don’t need to know to move forward! This is the message that I have received, loud and clear, this week.

The phrase “I don’t know” is a valid answer to some questions, some of the time. And when we think about the future, there is no way we can “know” what will come or how things will be.

BUT, “I don’t know” can become a way to avoid moving forward. In other words, we say we don’t know because we can’t imagine what might be, but we also don’t allow our imaginations to wander then. Or we allow the fears we have to keep us from imagining great things!

So, I am letting go of this phrase and instead I will be making a choice or a decision and will move forward with that choice and just see what happens!

The result or the consequences may not be pleasant, but I will at least be doing something different than I am doing now. I will be taking risks. I will be letting go of the fear of judgement and doing what feels true to my self. I will be listening to my true self, allowing my true self to lead the way without questioning it!