I’m Awake Now!!

I know I’m not the only one that feels completely taken aback on this post election day, because I hear my people. After waking up and checking and then double checking the results (I did not watch any news on election day) because I was sure it couldn’t be true, I was in shock. This human being that doesn’t respect or accept me or my people (I’m not talking about politics) was elected by other people around me. Pulling me into an alternate reality that until today only felt like some distant possibility that seemed so remote to me that I truly…. TRULY did not believe it was possible.

I laughed when it was just an idea, thinking it was some publicity stunt. Then choked when I saw it was real. But even then, I went on believing that it couldn’t happen. I went about this election season trusting this belief… that’s how deeply I felt it. I didn’t believe that people are really that cruel or naive or whatever it takes to believe in someone like that. I just didn’t believe it possible.

After the initial shock wore off this morning.. I was feeling rather lost… kind of like an alien in a foreign land, I suppose. I lashed out a bit, but reigned that in because I don’t believe in that, for sure, and I won’t give him the satisfaction of drawing me down to his level. I found myself near tears as I thought about what it must mean about this country and the people that are all around me…

Thankfully though, I am surrounded by my people. And my people reminded me of the bigger picture. Reminded me that its all about love anyway. Reminded me of my part in the world, in this life. This entire election, from all sides and all parties, was hate filled. I never did want to be a part of it… and didn’t believe either of the main party’s choices were good. And when the third party joined in the mud slinging… I kind of knew, on some level, that all hope was lost for this election.

So, I started to ask myself… if I apply what I believe to be true, that everything happens for a reason. That there are bigger forces at play in the world and with humanity.. then what does this mean? Once I could look at it this way… I also asked myself “Why did I choose to be at this point in my life, in this life’s journey, when this world event occurred?” Because I believe there is a reason, I just have to discover it. He is playing a role on a world scale, just like many before him have played… many before my time and some as close and as personal as it can be in my own life.

And you know what? We, as a people, have risen above! I have risen above! We will survive this and will somehow be the better for it. I KNOW this to be, without a doubt, true.

There is something in this for me to learn. I believe that it was my wake up call. I believe it was a wake up call for people like me. People that have something to offer… but have been so oppressed and overlooked and dismissed by some other force that they were afraid to share their gifts… to let their light shine… to be fully who they are, in all their glory. Well… I’m awake! It took a cold slap in the face to get me to fully wake up, but I am fully fucking awake now!

And, furthermore, I am ready to shine brighter than ever before. I refuse to dim my light any more because some people might not like its color or brightness or shape or sparkle! No one can take this away from me, no matter what they do or how much they try! Today, Being My True Self, means being truly willing to die for what I believe in! And once I am not afraid to die for what I believe in… well, No One can scare me back into the hole I was hiding in.

As always, with Love and Light!