The Puzzle of Life

Judging others…. we all do it. We judge ourselves too. But what is really happening. Here is how I see it.

I incarnated to have certain experiences in this lifetime. I have done this many times before. I have learned many things. And I have many more things to learn. I will continue to incarnate until I have had a chance to experience them all… at that point… well, that’s a different post!

If you put all the possible things to learn and wrote them down in a big long list of things to learn, you would have the headings for chapters of a textbook. Can you imagine that? The textbook of life lessons on earth! 🙂

When I incarnate, my soul takes out the textbook and decides what lesson it wants to experience in the next lifetime. Who knows how a soul makes a decision like this. I imagine it is much like how I decide what to eat when I look at a menu in a restaurant… hmmm… what sounds good to me, right now? Or what has been recommended to me by a trusted friend? Or do I want to be daring and try something I’ve never tried before and never imagined trying?

The thing is… we are all doing the exact same thing. We are just choosing different lessons at different times… for different reasons. Because you can do the textbook chapters in any order you want to. There is no cumulative, pre-requisite for anything in the textbook.

What does that look like for us as incarnated humans? It means that you may have already mastered a lesson in the textbook of life that I am now learning or haven’t even thought about doing yet. It means that I may have already mastered a lesson that you haven’t done yet.

Its why you can meet someone that seems to not know what they are doing, but gives you some immense piece of wisdom that rocks you off your feet. Or why someone that seems to have it all together can struggle with something that you find so simple and easy.

When you put it all together, when you put us all together on the planet, we create a huge puzzle… each off us having a different piece and each fitting together perfectly… IF we would simply accept each other as we are without judging each other..

When we judge, we are basically saying that the other person isn’t as good as we are because they haven’t figured out what we already know or have figured out. Or vice versa. What is there to judge though? If I have incarnated 100 times, it could mean that I have learned 100 chapters in the book of life or it could mean that I have tried to learn 1 chapter, 100 times. And there is not anything there to judge. It simply is what it is.

Who knows why I may take multiple times to learn a particular lesson. It does not matter. What matters, is that I have a piece that helps others and others have a piece that will help me, if only I am willing to accept that help from others. These lessons aren’t easy. How many people that have had near death experiences come back saying that they didn’t really want to come back?!

This thing called life that we are all doing… is not easy. It wasn’t meant to be. Sometimes we choose a life where money is not the issue, because we want to be able to focus solely on something else. Other times we choose to have money be a challenge, to serve a purpose in our learning. Whatever it is, my position is no better or worse than your position.

I appreciate you for who you are and what you came to learn. I have a piece of the puzzle called life; some I brought with me and others I have learned on this journey in this life. I am happy to share what I have learned with you. Thank you for being you and bringing to this planet your unique gifts and for your fortitude to learn the lesson you came to learn. You are brave.

Today… Being My True Self means that I am going to push myself to do some things that I find difficult… because I know that that is where I will learn the best lessons.

In Light & Service, Danielle

Negative? I Think Not

When it comes right down to it… it really is all about love. Dare I say, Love (with a big letter L).

It is all about acceptance of each other… and each other’s differences… It goes waaaaay beyond tolerance. It is not about what religious beliefs someone or what any one particular person or culture  believes. It is not about political beliefs.

No one is right… and no one is wrong.

When I look at all the strife in the world… or when I look at a particular “negative” action… and I ask the question “what makes it negative and not positive?” The answer is a person (or people) does (do). Based on a belief system. A belief system that is often times handed down from a person to a person. The problem is, people quit thinking when this happens. They quit asking why it was done that way. They quit trying to figure out if this is still the best way to do something or not, they just keep trying to apply the same rule.

I remember hearing a tale one time. A story. The story goes something like this. A daughter watched her mother prepare a pot roast. While preparing it, the mother cut off the ends of the pot roast and put it in a pan and into the oven. The daughter asked the mother  “why do you cut off the ends of the pot roast?” The mother replied “that is the way my mother did it, ask your grandmother why.”

The next time the daughter saw the grandmother, she did just that. The grandmother laughed and said “the first place your grandfather and I lived in had a very small oven and the only way I could cook a pot roast was to cut the ends off to make it fit.”

This rule was kept long after it no longer served a purpose… and not only kept, but passed on.. and it would have passed on two more generations later had the child not asked the question.

Children so often are willing to ask questions. And then they get it beat out of them (some literally and some verbally and some figuratively) as they age… they are told to not question their elders, that the elders know best. When in truth, many many times it is the youngest that have the newest and most brilliant ideas… in fact, often they have the ideas that change the world and changed it for the better. If they weren’t young, they were at least free thinkers that didn’t confine themselves because someone else said something couldn’t be done. They tried anyway!

We all come to this planet to learn a lesson. To further our learning. We are all on our own path. We are all taking different ways to and routes to learn similar things. Who am I, as a human or as a soul, to judge another’s chosen way? Or to impede another’s lesson even?

I am here to share what I know to be true. I am here to share what I have learned in this lifetime … and beyond. I am here to share with anyone that wants to hear and is ready to hear what I have to say. I believe those people will find their way to me and for them, I am happy to serve. I am not here to make others change… they may not be ready… they may need to not hear what I have to say in order to learn what they came to learn… so, who am I to say that I know better than they? The answer is, I’m not. I am not better, nor am I worse. I am simply different. I have gifts to share. As does every other soul on this planet that is here to live a human experience.

Those that we may call negative??? Not negative… just different. Even if its something like taking a life. Maybe they came to learn what it was like to do that or their soul is lost… either way, I believe that the life they took agreed to play that role and knew what they were doing. There is beauty in every experience you can have on this planet, if you are willing to look for it.

Today, Being My True Self means remembering to honor and celebrate all the experiences in the world and in my life… especially when I feel what most would call some negative emotion… that is where growth happens. And I am thankful for every opportunity to grow. Thank you for being a part of my life experience and playing the role you chose in this life experience with me. I honor you and am here to serve you in whatever way I can.

Existential Moment

Ever have that feeling that you aren’t in your body?? Like what is happening … is just happening around you, but doesn’t include you?

Yea… that’s how I’m feeling. I know there are some major energetic shifts and things happening in the universe… and this full moon on top of the already powerful astrological shifts … is just super powerful-er. It’s also daylight savings time and even though I’m tired-ish, I’m weirdly wide awake… Apparently I am a bundle of contradictions at the moment.

What do I do when that happens? I write, of course! Lol. I have been inwardly focused today. In the flow. Some great ideas are coming to me, but still don’t have a great way to get those ideas down on paper yet. They tend to just spin around in my head.

I know what I want to do, just not sure how to get there.

Things are on the move in my life… shifting and changing… not in the ways I thought I wanted them to go… In ways that in the past would have had me freaking out by now… but, I’m not. And I’m not attached to the outcomes; I’m letting go. Been watching my language a lot lately, making sure that I’m talking positively about everything that is happening. Synchronicities abound!

Amazing how easy it is to get caught up in gremlin thinking… thinking that there is something wrong with us and saying things to ourselves like “I’ve screwed everything up, done everything wrong.” And feeling like an utter failure as a result. I know this is not true of me. I am embracing that I do things differently than most. I love this about myself. However, when I look to the future…. I see all the things I’ve done in the past and all the ways I’ve chosen to do things… and all the silt on the bottom gets churned up and I’m in a whirlwind of gremlins again, fighting to keep my feet on the ground.

Why do I have to wait? Wait for someone else? I don’t, is the answer. yet…. I want to. I want to wait. I’m kind of tired doing it all by myself. I want to relax. I don’t want to have to worry any more. I want it to be easier, more simple. Once again… there is only one way that that is going to happen… and that is if I do it. Make some decisions and do it! Move on!

I think that’s the bottom line. The message. Today Being My True Self is about mindfully riding the ride of life, both going with the flow while also having an oar handy. There really is nothing to fear. Let go of the constrainsts that say you should have done it a certain way or should do it a certain way, and just do it your own way and move on!!

Game Changer? Fuck Yes!!

I am in tears at the moment… no worries, everything is alright. In fact, they are perfect. I am overwhelmed with gratitude for my life and the people in it!

I did an event last night… It felt to me, before it happened, that it would be a game changer. I had pictured one kind thing in my mind. It did not go the way I imagined though… not at all. I imagined that I would be admired and seen as a leader, receiving adoration from my admirers…. We think so small as humans… but, in our defense, we can only imagine what we have knowledge of before hand… I mean, I can not know what I do not know. 

What actually happened is so much bigger and better than that! There were people at the event that challenged me and disagreed with me. And it went so far as being told that I was saying something else entirely… all done very respectfully, I will add, but at the same time, because I’m different… because I’m poly. Suggesting that because I am different, I need to proclaim that loudly enough so that unknowing folks won’t walk into an event unawares that I’m different than they!!

Now some of this is my own emotional reaction to being judged… I’ve had plenty of experience with it and I acknowledge that. But, honestly, I’ve looked at this from all perspectives and had others look at it also. I did not include that I am poly in the description of the event because it was not relevant to the topic… it is simply my story. The event was about relationships… how to have a healthy relationship… period. Any kind of relationship, really, it is intended to be inclusive. It is intended to be a safe place for everyone to share their experience of relationship and their relationship challenges, regardless of how a person identifies… including me. 

Which brings me to why I am in tears of gratitude! I reached out to several friends… and with their loving and supportive assistance, I was able to see that I Did Exactly That! And that I am truly doing exactly what I came to do in this lifetime! I have known for a long time that my life’s challenges had a purpose and that I was meant to use them to help people. Well, fellow humans… here it is!!! 

I bare my soul about my relationship challenges and experiences BECAUSE they are different and taboo and sucked figuring them out at times, so that others can learn from them. So others can feel safe exploring and talking about being different when it comes to relationships. And not because they are different in the same way that I am different… that becomes too easy too… its about being accepting of how we are different. It’s about celebrating those differences! About allowing ourselves to learn from those that think differently than we do! If we could just be willing to hear the message no matter what the messenger looks like…. The world would be a much different place. 

Today… Being My True Self means standing tall in my truth… refusing to be put in a corner, because nobody puts Baby in the corner! It means knowing who I am at a soul level and not only not apologizing for that, but celebrating it and shouting it from the rooftops!!! I’m here and I’ve got a message to share!

Thank you, thank yo, thank you! To all who believe in me, who support me… to know that you see me… truly see me… for who I am, humbles me beyond words and brings me to tears, once again, as I think about it now!

In Light & Service, As Always