Something struck me today… idea-wise, not literally. And I wanted to share it. Some time ago I was introduced to the idea of flow with regard to finances. The idea is that we are conduits for money. And things. It is never actually ours. Its just for us to use. To allow ourselves to do the things we are called to do.

And the flow is more prominent the more we allow our gifts to flow into the world. Ive seen amazing examples of this in the world. People that get this idea.

Money and resources come to us so that we can share our gifts with the world. That’s the point. It allows us to have the things necessary to do what we do.

As I was thinking about this today, I had a new realization about how the idea of lack and scarcity has played its part in my life… for oh so many years! I’ve been so worried about not having enough that I have hoarded things! Not to a level of an episode of the show Hoarders, but almost. I have kept things, just in case… (lol, I’m reminded of the White Shirt… another blog post that if it hasn’t already been written, is in my mind to be written). I have held on to things for fear (key word) that I wouldn’t be able to get another.

What I’ve done is create a dam. Fucking eh! I’ve built a dam! Money can’t flow, because I haven’t allowed it too flow THROUGH me… I’ve held things and stopped the flow. I certainly have more than I need to survive comfortably. And instead of allowing things to come into my life for a purpose and a time, I’ve held on to them and instead of letting them go when its time, to go on to someone else that is in need of them now.

I’ve put a value on things, tried to sell things that were gifted to me by the universe… as if… what? Fear. Lack. Scarcity. As if the universe won’t provide what I need, when I need it.

Not that I haven’t given away things too, I certainly have. But thinking about the “things” I have in my house right now… so much of it I don’t use and I have been loath to give up because I paid good money for it or its worth good money… but what it is doing is stopping new money and resources to flow to me for the next phase of my life.

Done. That’s it. No more. Today, Being My True Self means … Clearing out and letting go!