Little Fish, Big Pond

Maybe you’ve heard this saying before. It goes something like that… about being a big fish in a little pond then going to the big pond and all of a sudden being a little fish.

About being well known in your small town then going to the big city where no one knows you or your accomplishments.

I think I’ve spent most of my life feeling invisible. In fact, at work the other day I answered a question that was posed in a group of at least three people and answered, however, the person didn’t hear me or ignored my answer at first then figured out I was correct. I remember saying out loud to someone, “Am I invisible?”

With all due respect, I have spent much of this time actively trying to be invisible. Because if people didn’t see me they wouldn’t find out my secrets. That I’m not special. That I’m average. Or maybe even less than average. That I’m flawed. That I’m really good at something. That I’m human. That I’m law-abiding. That I’ve broken the law. That I’ve done things. That I haven’t done things. Yea.. I know how crazy that all sounds and how opposite most of it is. But those are just some of the things I have actively worked to hide about myself, my entire life.

It is no wonder that people overlook me at times. Many times. I often doubt myself and my own knowledge. Therefore, it is understandable that others would doubt whether I know what I’m talking about or not. I get it. And I’ve been so afraid to be seen and be called out for being right or wrong. Afraid of being seen, period.

I think I’ve always thought of myself as a little fish in a little pond, even when I moved to a bigger pond. I wanted to be the littlest fish… I wanted to be able to be a part of the big pond and navigate around in it, but be so tiny that no one would see me or notice me… but I could somehow, still be part of the action. Because some part of me craves that.

However, it was posited to me today … an idea that is quite foreign to me… but one that I have considered before and actually felt before… but never was able to quite incorporate into my being-ness.

The idea is that I am actually a big fish.

I’m gonna let that sit by itself for a minute… or three!! But not for years. Not anymore!! I AM A BIG FISH!! I am going to start owning this more and more as days go by. I am manifesting a new life that is full, and colorful, and beautiful, and full of love and acceptance and gratitude and abundance. I am no longer willing to be dismissed. I am not invisible. I have a message. I have a mission. It may have taken me a while to get here, but I have arrived.

This Being My True Self journey is never boring… but its about to get ratcheted up several notches! If you see me, you are welcome to join me in this journey and be the change we want to see in the world!!