BEing sick

As I was lying in bed this morning after waking up at an ungodly hour… 5 am, after a fitful night of sleep. This cough is brutal. My throat is raw and painful all the time, let alone when I swallow. My head is stuffed full. And my whole body just hurts.

As I lay there, I was thinking about the fact that it has been a long time since I was sick. Certainly this sick. And how good it felt to not be sick. Which is a new feeling for me.

I used to be sick a lot. Quite regularly actually. In fact, I remember one of the kids drawing a picture of me when they were little. It was me laying on the couch. Ouch. That’s how I felt then and it still stings today when I think about it. Still stings when I think back to it and when I am recovering on the couch today.

I realized that I used to shame myself about being sick. Much of this came from others that felt I was slacking somehow, not holding up my own. Maybe they thought I was trying to get out of something. I am sure that they were overwhelmed themselves, thats how this works.

Regardless, it is important that we pay attention to what our needs are, every minute of every day. Today, Being My True Self means resting and sleeping on the couch.