Accepting What IS

First off, let me start off by saying this, the new moon brought with it an intense energy. Some I know felt it and others did not. Some experienced it as a wonderful shift and others… just as wonderful, but not as gentle.

I am one of the latter. There is no doubt in my mind that there was a major energy shift with the full moon. I felt it. I have come to realize that the difficulty in it was my struggling against the shift. I couldn’t see the bigger picture for a good part of the weekend. But there have been so many clear messages from my angels and guides that it is even hard for me not to see.

I have stayed too closed off for far too long. I am not meant to be confined to such a small area. I am on the precipice of something large, all I have to do is reach out and grab it! I can feel its energy… I can even taste it at times! Then… some thought… little doubt… will creep into my mind and the next thing I know, I am on this fucking tangent going …. God knows where!!

Old rules. Old thinking. Old patterns. Old ways.

Yea… there are those damn shoulds again!!

I read something on my favorite news feed today (lol, facebook) about a reframe of an old saying.. nervous breakdown was reframed to nervous breakTHROUGH! Brilliant! Genius, even! It is a breaking down of old ways, but we are breaking through them as they break down. Its a realization that we have been holding onto something that is no longer serving us. And I believe that everything happens for a reason and every person (every. single. person.) we meet in this life crosses our path for a purpose. Sometimes the message is small and sometimes its bigger; and sometimes it is the shortest encounters that bring the biggest messages.

Once that purpose is served, it is important to let it go. This is the part that can be the most difficult. If we let it be. Buddhist philosophy says that we only experience pain when we fight against something that is… this would be the same. If we accept this change as the way things are meant to be and don’t fight against it, it can be the smoothest of transitions. Its only when we do fight against it that it becomes so difficult.

I would say that as of this morning, as I am writing this, I am feeling rebirthed in a way… I feel like I’ve been through the wringer and then back and forth through it several times. But, I believe that I have a new certainty and courage, even though there is a lot of fear. If I can get through this, I can get through anything.

Here is to looking forward and not back… to Being My True Self, in all things and in all ways, accepting whatever consequences there may be along the way. Join me or let me go, but don’t try to hold me back!!

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I am on a journey .... By title I am a Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor. I have been called friend, girlfriend, wife, mom... among other labels. But I am a loving, caring being that lives through these labels and titles to help and heal others while I am here.

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