Social Media… and ME!

Some people judge others for using things like Facebook or blogging about their thoughts and feelings, saying that its not real. Well, I’m here to say that I have had a different experience… because I’m not saying they are wrong… they are entitled to their opinion (and I don’t say that flippantly, I believe this) and they do have a point. Anything taken to an extreme is not healthy whether its eating oranges or Facebook.

Disclaimer out of the way…

I noticed that as I explore this new found (always been there) place known as My True Self, I find that I am inspired by things all around me. The first place I have noticed this is on Facebook. I know, I know, but its true. There are tons of great and inspirational people using Facebook now to share their messages and love. And I am fortunate that I keep bumping into them!!

At first I allowed myself to judge myself for this. I was going along with the “norm” and thinking I wasn’t doing it right (Again with the “right”/”should” thing!!) Then I realized something… it is true that the relative anonymity of the internet does make it easier for me to express myself… My True Self… But isn’t that the point?! Why would I look down on something that makes Being My True Self easier?

Of course, I am not stopping there. Another thing I discovered is that expressing My True Self in this virtual reality has made it easier for me to do this in my physical reality as well. Yay Fucking Me!!!! That’s what I say!

As I choose to surround myself on Facebook with supportive and like-minded people, I find it easier to do this with the people I choose to spend time with in person, in my daily life.

And you know what… it makes it easier to go the other way too! As I talk about my own beliefs and opinions and share those with people I meet in person, I am finding it easier to take a stand and express myself online also… in ways that were far too scary in the past.

So, say what you will about social media, but I believe that if you use it to better yourself and contribute to the world and share your gifts… well, do it!

I love being me!! I love Being My True Self!!!

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I am on a journey .... By title I am a Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor. I have been called friend, girlfriend, wife, mom... among other labels. But I am a loving, caring being that lives through these labels and titles to help and heal others while I am here.

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