Permanent… Not

We get stuck on the idea. That what we have here is permanent. It is what creates all of our issues…. And I do mean ALL. From our looks or our minds to our possessions and relationships. Everything from natural things such as trees to man-made things such as buildings.

However, think about all the things in your life… is anything really permanent? No. They aren’t. And they aren’t meant to be permanent. And many things we wouldn’t want to be permanent, but other things we would like to be permanent… at least we think we would like them to be.

I mean, how many times in your life did something wonderful come out of something we call horrible? How many times would it have not been possible for that wonderful thing to exist if that horrible thing hadn’t happened?

Nature knows what it is doing. Think of the trees in the vast forests that’s seeds can’t grow unless they are burned in a fire. Forest fires serve a purpose, many, actually. And the only reason we think of them as bad is because our structures get caught up in them sometimes. This too, however, is part of what is supposed to happen… it simply is what happens when you live close enough to a forest that catches on fire because lightning struck a tree… And it is neither good nor bad… it just is.

So, if we apply this to relationships in our lives or to people… its gets a little harder to see it the same way. But, it works the same. I experience relationships and they last as long as they last. They end when they end, whatever the reason…

I mean, I can have wonderful experiences… like eating a sweet and slightly tart blackberry, but it won’t last forever and not every blackberry is going to taste the same… so… what do I do? Never eat a blackberry again because I’m worried that it won’t taste the same next time? Because it might taste awful? So what? What if it tastes even better? Many people don’t think of this side of this idea… Imagine what you are missing out on because you were afraid to try it and see?

Either way, it simply is what it is… and if we can think of it that way… well, then there isn’t any worry or anxiety or strife or stress. Because then each and every experience that we have would just be what it was and as soon as it passes we can move on to the next thing. Which brings up another common thing that happens… if I move on too easily that must mean that the last experience didn’t mean anything to me…

First of all, this simply isn’t true. However, if we look at this concept by itself… or rather expand on the last notion… moving on… If I am not worrying or stressing about any experiences as they occur that means that I am fully present with the experience as it is happening… what better way to honor the experience or the person? And if I am fully present, honoring the experience in the moment, then I can move on to the next moment (knowing that I have done what I can to fully experience the last one) and be ready to fully experience and be with the next experience.

Imagine what this way of seeing life would do for our relationships? I would appreciate people in my life for who they are… not for who they were yesterday or ten years ago, but for who they are today… in this moment. And then I could move on to the next experience making a choice about that next experience based on the last one… which may mean that the next experience is with a different person, in a different place, doing a different thing… How beautiful is that?

Think about how that would change the world if we all thought this way? We could think and believe different things… and that would be ok. No one would think their race, gender, religion, way of living, etc was any better than anyone else’s…

Being My True Self means that I appreciate every experience that I have, every encounter I have with people, every relationship, without taking it for granted because I understand that nothing is permanent and that the only moment I am guaranteed to have, is the one I’m in right now.

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I am on a journey .... By title I am a Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor. I have been called friend, girlfriend, wife, mom... among other labels. But I am a loving, caring being that lives through these labels and titles to help and heal others while I am here.

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