Silver or Gold!

As I put on earrings this morning … for some context, I have three in my left ear and one in my right… I’ve been different since I was 16 and pierced my own ear lobe with ice cubes and a pin! Wow, how time flies! Anyway, I have a gold chain earring in the middle hole on my left side that I have been keeping in. And as I was selecting earrings to go with my outfit today, I noticed that they were silver. Ut Oh! This thought ran through my mind…

I can’t wear both silver and gold… especially right next to each other!! I know I’m not the only one that grew up with this rule being drilled into them. Probably along with others… like “no white after Labor Day”… or various other rules that can be difficult to even recognize as rules, because we have believed them for soooo long that they just become something that we live by without even thinking about them.

I have worked really hard over my life to be exactly who I was meant to be… this is different than the “shoulds” that try to contain us and create rules about how to live… I mean, who my soul intended for me to be when I agreed to this life and the lessons it contained for me. It has been a struggle for sure! I spent huge chunks of time, years at a time, living some other way… fighting to come out of it so that I can find my true path.

Sometimes those rules that were handed down to us have a healthy origin, like looking both ways before crossing the street. But not all of them, like “silver or gold, but not both” or “no sex before marriage” or “you can’t have a relationship with more than one partner at a time” or “you can’t wear lingerie if you have a male body”. Whatever the origin is for these rules, I don’t agree with, so why would I want to live by them?

Just because some rules are confining or ridiculous does not mean that we should throw out all rules… that’s akin to throwing the baby out with the bathwater.  This is about being mindful of the rules we are living by and thoughtfully looking at them all and choosing the ones that serve us.

Today, Being My True Self means wearing gold AND silver earrings right next to each other on the same ear!! Be Bold!! Be Daring!! Be un-apologetically Your True Self!!

Love and Light Fellow Souls!!

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I am on a journey .... By title I am a Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor. I have been called friend, girlfriend, wife, mom... among other labels. But I am a loving, caring being that lives through these labels and titles to help and heal others while I am here.

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