Little to No Interest

Ever feel like that? Someone suggests something or you think about doing something and your gut reaction is that of revulsion? A complete pulling away? In the opposite direction? Like no part of you has any interest in doing or learning something?

I have!! And OMG! At this point in my life I have worked really hard to allow myself permission to do things that are in alignment with my higher/true self regardless of the human and societal rules that may say otherwise. Like lying in bed all day. Or staying inside all day when the sun is shining. Or doing something particular to celebrate a holiday… as if there is only one way to celebrate…. let alone only one way to honor the thing or person the holiday acknowledges. As if my way of doing something is some how less than your way.

I often wonder how things get started. I think of the Galápagos Islands when I think of this. The animals that are on that island and over centuries developed differently than counterparts on other lands. Its the telephone game we played as kids. A person on one end shares a statement with the next person who then shares it with the next person and so on down the line and no one is allowed to ask the person that told them to repeat themselves. The result is always a very different statement at the end than the statement that started the whole thing.

Our societal ideas are the same thing. Have you ever read about some of laws that different areas have? Like its illegal to spit on the ground? Or to walk your pony through town? (That first one is one I’ve read, the second one I made up.) When I think about these kinds of things, I wonder how they got started. I wonder what happened that someone somewhere decided that walking your pony through town was a problem that needed to be made an official law.

The same thing happens when I think of all the rules in our society. Not laws, but the rules that say I should use a shorter fork to eat salad. Or that there is something wrong with not wanting to be around hundreds of people. Granted, sometimes it could be an indication that something is wrong; that we are afraid of something and are avoiding something. But even if that is true, what gives someone else the right to tell me whether my decision is right or wrong? I’m the only one that can determine what is right for me. And that is true for everyone.

Today’s Being My True Self moment…. comes to pass as I sit down to learn how to do something that I thought I wanted to do, in this case writing an enewsletter. As I did so, I was aware that that “want” momentum carried me through the first few steps, but then it got complicated and I was aware of some frustration building in me. I stopped to assess where that was coming from. The answer I received was this… I have little to no interest in learning “how” to do an enewsletter. My interest lies in writing and sharing my thoughts to help others shift and grow and connect with their higher selves.

The next question then… which could be a whole new blog post… is, what are my options then? One of my biggest things lately has been…. I will save that for another post 🙂

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I am on a journey .... By title I am a Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor. I have been called friend, girlfriend, wife, mom... among other labels. But I am a loving, caring being that lives through these labels and titles to help and heal others while I am here.

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