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My last post reminded me of this. I’ve been describing this concept to clients for some time now. Honestly, since Jan. 2017 when our current president was coming into office. Something happened that helped me get clear about my view, but also this concept was brought to my attention. I say it this way, because I know the idea is not mine, but rather one that was downloaded from my higher consciousnesss.

What happened is this. I was feeling a certain kind of way when our current president came into office. I have lots of friends on Facebook that were advocating for change and encouraging others to be more active. I felt some guilt already that I had not done enough before, had not been active enough, and had somehow played a part in how we, as a country, got to where we were at that point. I know now that this is simply something that had to happen and that there wasn’t anything anyone could have done to have stopped it. This is not a resignation, but a knowing on my part.

At the time, I remember reading a post by a friend that said something along the lines of ‘if you aren’t calling your politicians and writing letters against certain things, that you are part of the problem’. This hit hard for me. I was already feeling that sense of guilt. However, I also did not feel in alignment with doing those things. I did not want to be more informed or aware of the ins and outs of political things. All that carries such a low, negative vibration, and I had already voted and said my piece, and truly believe the system is broken anyway.

At this place of guilt… I was aware of resistance on my part, to doing what my friend was stating I should be doing. I did what I usually do in those moments. I went inward and explored where this feeling was coming from, what thought had generated it. This is what I realized.

I am a healer. This is my purpose in this lifetime. I help people shift and grow and connect with their higher selves so they can live a more authentic and genuine life. Its not to change the political system. Period. And I believe that the only way to change it anyway is for me to shine my light even brighter. Which means that the most important and best thing I can do, is focus on myself and put my time and energy into being the best Me I can be. And leave the other stuff to other people.

Which brings me to this concept of the perfect society. I believe that every single soul on this planet has a purpose, gifts they brought to the planet, to humanity. And if everyone was simply allowed to live their purpose and focused solely on their purpose, asking for help with other things that aren’t their purpose, but are someone else’s… then there is a perfect symbiosis created.

I do what I do. You do what you do. Then I ask for help from you when I need what you do. And you ask for help from someone else that does what you need. And they ask for help from someone that does what they needs. So on down the line, until someone is asking me for help with the thing that I do. And no one judges anyone else for what and how they do what they do, they just either choose to ask that person for help or not depending on whether it is what they need or not. And when its not… they simply move on. No need to comment.

I am presently aware of some doubts about posting this… now that I have written it. The doubts say things like “no one cares what you have to say” and “who are you to present such a big idea”. I’m acknowledging them and pulling them into the light so they can be exposed. It takes away their power when I do that.

I present this idea…. because I simply felt called to do so. Again, I do not believe this is my idea, but rather my higher self’s desire to share our soul’s way of seeing each other and to see us treat each other more compassionately as human beings. With less judgment. That is my desire for you, if you are reading this.

Today Being My True Self means hearing my gremlins, but not listening to them.

In Light & Service, Danielle Dawn

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I am on a journey .... By title I am a Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor. I have been called friend, girlfriend, wife, mom... among other labels. But I am a loving, caring being that lives through these labels and titles to help and heal others while I am here.

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