Trying to do life…

Trying to do life…. That’s the thought that came to me on a long drive, a 9-hour drive to be exact, home from visiting family. But what does that mean? I was thinking about how I had been on a good track of taking care of myself when I stopped, again, and then this thought popped into my head, kind of as an answer to an unspoken question about why, “I seemed to be distracted by trying to do life.” I was honestly taken aback by the thought as I heard it in my own head. WTF!

“Trying”.. to do life… ??

Life is. There’s no trying to it.

You are. You are doing it.

Whatever it is you’re doing, you’re doing life. *chuckle* I laugh because that… is what it all boils down to. Whatever you’re doing, you are doing life. If you’re trying to do something, then you’re… well, you’re going against what you are naturally inclined to do. When we do what comes naturally, there isn’t any trying to it, we just do it. It is when we are struggling against what comes naturally that we have to try to do something. I know I have experienced both. I mean I rarely have the thought “I’m trying to have fun” when in the midst of actually experiencing fun. It’s only when I feel a pull to do something other than what I am doing that that thought will pop into my head. 

So, where does that natural inclination come from? That is a question worth exploring. Is that natural inclination… does that come from your soul? Is that your soul… your soul’s tendency to go in a certain direction? Have you been ignoring it? I know I did. I know I DO. I have been. I think I started off listening to it, but I was also… I also was just trying to feel better. …. (this is a longer story and for another day). Suffice it to say that I listened to in when I was much younger, at least some of the time, then quit listening all together for a long time. That didn’t go very well. Then I got in touch with it again and started to listen to it, to honor it. It is worthy.

A chiropractor asked me once… about something bad that happened to me in the past… he asked me what did I have today, that I wouldn’t have had, if I hadn’t had that experience. Today [was a few days ago, as of this writing] my chiropractor [a different one, incidentally] said… it’s about looking at those “things” as gifts [paraphrased].

Well, what do they give us?

What if every “thing” that happens “to us”, is something that we chose, ahead of time, purposefully, because of what it would give us, teach us?

Before we incarnate, we make a decision about what we want to work on in this lifetime. Every “thing” that happens, every event, every experience that we have in our lifetime, was designed, was chosen. We may not have known about all of them ahead of time, but they are all chosen to help us to learn a lesson, a lesson we chose.

These “things” are a gift! Without those “things”… well, there is something in our life or something about ourselves or something that we are capable of doing now that we wouldn’t have been able to do if that “thing” hadn’t happened to us.

When that first chiropractor initially asked me “what do you have now, that you wouldn’t have had, if that hadn’t happened”, I knew instantly what it was…. the capacity for compassion. I wouldn’t be the person I am today if I hadn’t had that experience. I think things might have gone a little more smoothly had I listened to my soul more, but, I know some of those experiences were gifts to help me become the person I am today. And I am thankful for them all.

It all comes back to this. The ability to be able to see…  no.. yes!.. to see, to hear, to feel our soul’s desire. What does your soul want?